Our mission is to reduce Veteran homelessness by providing services and resources to meet basic needs and improve overall quality of life.


Just as we made a commitment to never leave our wounded on the battlefield, we commit to never leave our wounded on the streets.


We respect our band of brothers & sisters. We never compromise integrity. We pursue continuous improvement. Service to community.

Emergency Shelter for Veterans

Founded in 1992 by a group of five Vietnam Veterans, Welcome Home, Inc. is the only homeless shelter in Columbia dedicated to Veterans, providing emergency and transitional living services.

Additional wrap-around services for clients address three main long-term goals: residential stability, increased skill level and/or income and greater self-determination of participants.

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Building a New Community

Welcome Home, Inc. is proud to partner with the Columbia Housing Authority and the Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital to create a Community for Veterans in Columbia to provide housing and support services for homeless U.S. military Veterans.
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By The Numbers

Latest News

  COLUMBIA, MO — A $1 million gift is helping pay for the construction of a community for homeless Veterans in Columbia. READ MORE >